American Carnage:

A Solo Staged Reading of Select Screenplays by Stephen K. Bannon

For the past 40 years, aspiring screenwriter Stephen K. Bannon has toiled over his magnum opus—a dramatic portrayal of the struggle between good and evil entitled American Carnage. In this series of staged readings spanning pivotal moments of his life, Bannon examines life’s most important question: is it worth descending into madness to trigger the libs?

After debuting at the Annoyance Theatre in Chicago in February 2018, American Carnage was presented as part of The New York International Fringe Festival – FringeNYC, a production of The Present Company — in October 2018.


The true accomplishment with American Carnage is in its execution, from script to performance. Mast manages to take this idea beyond simple impersonation and create a well-rounded play with a striking end. We follow Bannon on this journey from money-making scheme to money-making scheme with scorn and superiority. Yet, are we not entertained? Mast makes this point deftly in the final scene, and it hits home.

– Charlotte Anoux, Theatre is Easy. 10/24/18

It’s a show better described as political-adjacent, rather than politically focused, and helpfully avoids judging the politics at-hand in favor of instead using them as backdrop for Mast’s wry comedic voice and clever storytelling. The show expertly navigates and oscillates along the line between fiction and truth, interweaving hyperbolized fiction and naked fact with a wink and a side-mouthed smile. 

– Chris Behmke, My Entertainment World. 10/31/18

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